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Empowering the Future: Lighting, EV Chargers, and Electrical Services

Celebrating 25 Years of Market Leadership"

High quality Professional Services at unbeatable prices.

 An expansive industrial warehouse with high ceilings illuminated by LED lights, featuring workstations and machinery, with m

LED Lighting

 High quality LED retrofit solutions for Interior and Exterior lighting applications with energy savings up to 80% 

A Victorian-style house at dusk, showcasing vibrant exterior lighting and a welcoming front porch, set against a winter sky w

Programmable Lighting

Permanent Programmable , App Controlled, Customizable Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting System for homes and businesses

EV Charger in multiuse residential

EV Chargers- Installations/Maintenance

Site specific recommendations based on your individual requirements.

Have you already had EV chargers installed? We provide cost effective, professional maintenance solutions for existing EV chargers. 

A modern solar-powered street lamp post, with a large solar panel affixed on top, stands before a backdrop of dense evergreen

Solar Services

Solar power can used for a wide range of applications: Lighting, Electrification, EV Chargering just to name a few

The image displays an outdoor industrial setting with a close-up inset showing a grey circular LED light fixture, likely repr

UVC LED Disinfection

Eradicate all indoor airborne viruses including COVID-19 virus, flu and cold virus, fungi, mold, allergens, and bacteria.

worker showing lighting bulb with jar of coins

Project Management/Consulting

Have a project but don't have the time or the resources to manage the project? We can plan, manage all types of projects. 

A city skyline at dusk overlaid with graphic icons representing network connectivity and digital communication, symbolizing a

IoT/Smart Devices

Intelligent management systems to monitor and control your lighting both on-site and remotely.

Sensors, networking and data collection, can improve efficiency and lower the cost of your operations .

storefront commercial sign on

Sign Services

New Graphics, LED Retrofit, Maintenance, Installs. We fulfill all your sign needs .

electrician replacing fluorescent lamp

Electrical/Lighting Maintenance

Not ready to upgrade to LED?

We provide planned lighting maintenance programs.

We also provide electrical services that don't involve lighting. 

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