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We are the Bright idea for all your Lighting, EV Charger and Electrical needs

High quality Professional Services at unbeatable prices.

LED Lighting

 High quality LED retrofit solutions for Interior and Exterior lighting applications with energy savings up to 80% 

Programmable Lighting

Permanent Programmable , App Controlled, Customizable Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting System for homes and businesses

EV Chargers- Installations/Maintenance

Site specific recommendations based on your individual requirements.

Have you already had EV chargers installed? We provide cost effective, professional maintenance solutions for existing EV chargers. 

Solar Services

Solar power can used for a wide range of applications: Lighting, Electrification, EV Chargering just to name a few

UVC LED Disinfection

Eradicate all indoor airborne viruses including COVID-19 virus, flu and cold virus, fungi, mold, allergens, and bacteria.

Project Management/Consulting

Have a project but don't have the time or the resources to manage the project? We can plan, manage all types of projects. 

IoT/Smart Devices

Intelligent management systems to monitor and control your lighting both on-site and remotely.

Sensors, networking and data collection, can improve efficiency and lower the cost of your operations .

Sign Services

New Graphics, LED Retrofit, Maintenance, Installs. We fulfill all your sign needs .

Electrical/Lighting Maintenance

Not ready to upgrade to LED?

We provide planned lighting maintenance programs.

We also provide electrical services that don't involve lighting. 

The F.I.X. Difference

We provide services to a range of businesses, offices, residential projects, outdoor installations and entertainment centres just to name a few.

Thriving on a reputation of high quality craftsmanship and deadline delivery, our expert team cater to clients both large and small. The high quality of our results, personalized service and minimal disruption to businesses ensure that we welcome clients back again and again.

Based in Toronto we are perfectly positioned to offer our electrical installation, LED lighting and project management services across the GTA, province and nationwide.

Energy efficiency is one of the key concerns for F.I.X. and we are always looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption, particularly by replacing old lighting systems. From simple electrical installations to innovative LED lighting projects, F.I.X. approaches each job with enthusiasm and a dedication to excellence.

We can project manage an installation from supplying a customers preferred parts, collection of goods from supplier to site, installation, after-sales service, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, removal, relocation and all with minimal disruption to your working business hours.


Whether for new or existing installations, for effect, display, office, home or large area lighting applications such as security floodlighting, factories and retail stores, F.I.X. lighting has a long history of delivering a vast array of project managed solutions to leisure, retail and commercial markets.

Our solutions are bespoke to each individual client and we always begin with a consultation and design process to ensure we understand your exact needs. Our installations make use of the very latest technology, whether you are looking for a simple lighting solution or a more complex innovate LED lighting system.

Energy efficiency is always a key concern for F.I.X. Lighting, and we pride ourselves on enabling our clients to receive significant savings on their energy costs.


We partner with experienced team designers, Lighting control professionals, auditors and engineers can conduct a lighting consult with a complete energy analysis. Our expert team will devise a complete lighting solution to accomplish energy savings that incorporates advanced lighting technology and methods. Along with realistic ROI and SRI targets


Our Eco System of professionals continually work with well established and cutting edge lighting technology from an array of manufacturers and suppliers to provide our clients with a complete lighting system that fits their budgets all the while achieving their energy efficiency and financial targets


We are dedicated to providing cost effective ,turn key and custom LED retrofits and custom design for installations on time and maximizing value for all our clients is our mantra. We are the smart choice for all your electrical and lighting needs

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