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Electrical/Lighting Maintenance Services

Electrical Services


Commercial or residential work that needs to be done efficiently and with an eye for quality, F.I.X. is the right choice. In our eco system we have  highly-trained, certified master electricians we have worked with for years. Highly experience working for  commercial and residential clients.

Lighting Maintenance Services

 As technology has evolved and merged with lighting solutions we have evolved in order to meet the demand of the market. When we opened our doors in 1998 we exclusively dealt with small and medium businesses for all their lighting maintenance needs. 

We understand that some organizations are not ready to upgrade to LEDs and require cost effective Lighting Maintenance solutions. With our experience and access to various equipment such as :

Aerial Trucks and Scissor Lifts we provide cost effective full service lighting maintenance solutions. We partner with numerous clients and collaborate on scheduled maintenance as well as on demand services. 

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