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We F.I.X. Sky High Energy Bills  

LED Design & Retrofit Services

​We specialize in high quality LED retrofit solutions for commercial, signs of all sizes, industrial, retail, multi-residential and government for a wide variety of Interior and exterior lighting applications with energy savings up to 80% over traditional lighting

​We perform; lighting energy assessments, calculating ROI/SIR, and processing government incentives with total turnkey and custom tailored solutions with lighting design and project management.

Whether for new or existing installations, we have a long history of delivering a vast array of high quality project managed solutions at any price point.

We cut through the clutter and simplify the process with a consultation and design process to ensure we understand and meet your exact needs and aims. Our installations make use of the very latest technology, whether you are looking for a simple lighting solution or a more complex innovate LED lighting system.

There are many energy-efficiency programs to subsidize installation costs by up to 50% for organizations. We will make the entire process and submissions all documentation on your behalf seamless and user friendly.

Upgrading your lighting system can do more than just save money.

A major benefit of upgrading your facility’s lighting is definitely to save on hydro. However, improved lighting also improves the atmosphere for your customers, and can make your employees more productive. There are government grants available to help with the initial investment cost of this lighting.

We will cut through the clutter and complete analysis and suggestions for improvement and vital data that our clients can make informed decisions.

We offer a variety of high-performance, long-life LED retrofit solutions for general, indoor, and outdoor lighting with energy savings up to 80% over traditional lighting. We also take care of lighting energy assessments, calculating ROI,SIR and processing government incentives. We offer turnkey and custom solutions 

Here is what we have been up to

An expansive warehouse interior lit by high ceiling lights, featuring tall shelving packed with boxes and a lone worker on th


exterior lighting at night in parking lot


Office lighting omprovement


A brightly lit, clean underground parking lot with multiple cars parked, color-coded pillars for easy navigation, and clear d

Parking Garage

areal picture of dealership retrofit

Auto Dealership

Industrial Lighting Retrofit


Indoor soccer field lighting Retrofit


Residential Smart lighting


Assessment & Proposal

Complete a thorough review of your current indoor and outdoor lighting.

Propose LED replacement solutions that work best for you and your space.

Provide a detailed quote with competitive pricing on top quality LED products and professional installation services.

Calculate accurate and conservative estimates of monthly savings, payback time and return on investment

Supply & Installation

We have been in the industry

since 1998, we know how to get the job done on time and on budget.

​We understand that you have a busy schedule and that's why we will minimize the burden of upgrading your lighting as much as possible. Manage all of the logistics, communications and mundane details for you.

Incentive/Loan Program Processing​

Rebates and loans offered through Government programs can cover a large percentage of the cost of installation of energy efficient lighting.With our extensive experience and expertise we know how to maximize your eligible incentive amounts and get you your rebate quickly


Pre and Post project we are here to support you! 

We Look Forward to being your Partner!

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