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Unleash the Power of the Sun

Solar Lighting  

Save money on electricity costs, reduce carbon footprints and help curb greenhouse gas emissions. Residential, Commercial , Industrial, Recreational 

Solar Power

High performance solutions  standards with great versatility. Power many devices, from different technological spheres, simultaneously and without interruption.

EV Charging

Maximize energy efficiency for  EVs, while saving hundreds, even thousands in added electrical work of installing EV charging separately. Charging solutions for home and business owners.


Our partner has been the solar  specialist in Quebec for more than10 years. Their solar solutions are available in integrated and conventional versions. Development of stand-alone streetlights for various uses such as parks, bike paths, camping, landings (bus stops, marina, wharf), roads and many other applications. We work in all sectors of the industry such as municipalities, businesses, construction, oil or mining... Whether you are also an individual or corporate consumer we strive to meet all lighting and energy needs.


Solar energy is a powerful and reliable energy source. It is generally used for lighting and sometimes for security and communications. However, until now, there existed no solution capable of ensuring the simultaneous operation of all these devices. Our partner has chosen to redefine the use of solar power. Their determination to offer an innovative range of products with unequalled energy production and storage capabilities inspired us to embrace the future with them. You can now operate several devices and technologies simultaneously, knowing that they will work, uninterrupted, without the financial and ecological burdens of extending exhaustive infrastructures.

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